Saturday, January 30, 2016

Difficult Decisions

I recently started at a new job and have been there now for 2 weeks. For once I finally am excited to go to work. For pretty much a full year after graduating I was working in positions that were stressful and surrounded by negative people who made working miserable and I truly dreaded going to work everyday. I was starting to think that I had made the wrong career choice and that no matter what job I chose they would all be the same. But this job is so different. The environment is peaceful and everyone around me is so positive and kind. I leave work happy and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Another perk to this job are the benefits and the long term possibilities. Most of the people who work there have been there almost 20 years and rave about how they enjoy working there. I can truly see myself even staying long term and making this a career job!

But.... that scares me in a way.

Am I truly ready to "settle down" and make this job my career? 

Am I choosing happiness at work over following my dreams?

What about of living in Wyoming or Texas or Alaska? 

What about traveling across the US in a vintage Airstream?

What about raising bucking bulls? 

What about all those other big crazy dreams I thought had for my life?

Am I ready to give all those things up? 

Like the picture above I never thought I was born to pay bills and die. I always dreamed big and wanted my life to be extraordinary and it scares me to think that I could be giving that all up.

But I hate to give up this opportunity. I am so grateful everyday that I took the chance to apply for this job because it's truly been a blessing. Maybe this is where God wants me to be? I am praying everyday for guidance and for Him to show me what is best for my life. 

Who knows maybe it's possible to be happy at work AND still accomplish all my dreams? 

I guess we'll wait and see....