Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Timing is Everything

I often hear many different people, mostly of older generations, describe us "millenials" as lazy people who lack a work ethic and who want everything handed to them. I partially agree with them on this statement but I also know of many who are exactly the opposite and they shouldn't clump us all together. But it's hard in today's society because we are creating things and technology that makes our lives essentially easier and allows us to accomplish tasks without as much effort and in a lot less time. We also hear about so many individuals who are becoming successful at something in a short amount of time and for things that don't nessesaraly require a lot of talent. (you tube sensations and reality tv stars...) That gives us the illusion that things don't need to take time and that if we have dreams and ideas that we should have them right away. 

Unfortunately I've come to realize that those individuals are the lucky ones and that in reality things take time and frankly it's hard sometimes waiting for everything to fall into place. In my FFA days in high school I listened to countless speakers speak on the subject of setting goals and having dreams and I have to tell you I was sold on that idea. It gave me hope that every dream I had could be obtained and that I could do anything or be anyone and for years it fueled me. I, unlike many students in my graduating class, knew what I wanted out of life and thought that in a few short years all my dreams and plans would become a reality. Boy was I wrong!!! I guess life or God thought that I needed knocked off of my nicely paved straight road and into the mud a few, scratch that, a lot of times. It seems that no matter what I've tried to do I hit brick wall after brick wall and man does that suck! Lately I just wanted to give up on everything I ever wanted and just burry my self in my bed and just wait until it all is better. Unfortunately that can't and won't happen and it won't solve a thing. 

But now what? I've cried, I've been angry, I've mopped around, I've read over many sad quotes on Pinterest, and received a pep talk from my mom. I guess it's time to dust myself off and get back to work. I need to set down reevaluate my goals and ambitions, instead of just giving them up, and set up a new plan. Most importantly I need to trust in Gods timing and know that He only gives me what I can handle at this time. Maybe during this process I will see that somethings that I wanted 4 years ago are no longer what I want and that I need to let go of that certain dream. But I can't be sad, because I know that as a person I've changed and that there are many new things that interest me and that will only create new dreams. 

I'm glad that I wrote this out as my first real blog post on this blog because this imbodies what this blog is about. A fresh start and a new direction. 


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  1. So fitting! The wonderful thing about dreams is that they grow and adapt to new life situations like we do, and the possibilities are pretty well limitless. Maybe the dreams you used to have are meant to give you a boost toward a new dream. Nothing that taught you something is wasted, and everything happens for its perfect reason :)