Thursday, December 10, 2015

Those Big Yellow Bucking Chutes

They bring them out just for 10 days a year in early December. They may just seem like some metal welded together with a coat of yellow and blue paint on them. But for some they represent where dreams come true. 

Behind them 15 of the best men line up to wait their turn to achieve those life long dreams or have them shattered after an injury or a 7.8 second ride.

They can't talk or tell their story, although some wish they could. The history made within them and the legends that have touched them both man and beast could fill the pages of several books.

They've seen sweat, blood, tears, smiles and have heard a whole lot of prayers for a safe ride and the hopes to make that final whistle. 

For 8 short seconds man and beast connect and create great moments that are remembered and talked about for generations. 

For some people their dreams involve grassy football fields or baseball diamonds under big bright lights. But for the cowboy he dreams of those big yellow chutes and an arena filled with dirt. All with the hopes of a gold buckle, a bottle of Pendleton,  and a chance to put his name down in the history books. 

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